With this aspiration in mind, each and every frame is built in Boulder, CO using only the finest materials. You can rest assured each and every Ionic frame is built to perfection by people who know and love bicycles. Continuing with its high standards in quality, innovation, and technical performance, Ionic will continue going against the grain and bringing you unique bikes that are just like nobody else…just like you.

Ionic’s parent is Janus Cycle Group, home to a growing list of iconic brands, including Merlin Metalworks, Dean Titanium, Knight Composites, and Rossin.  Janus offers cyclists the opportunity to experience the best of contemporary and classic cycling with frames and components made of titanium, carbon, and steel. 

Janus Cycle Group’s mission is simple: Design, create and sell the best cycling products on the planet – without compromise, while maintaining impeccable customer service and constantly innovating in Colorado’s unmatched riding playground. Enjoy the journey!